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  • What is antimicrobial peptides(AMPs)? Where do Sunsmile AMPs genes come from?

    Antimicrobial peptides, also called "host defense peptides", are part of the innate immune response found among all classes of life. Fundamental differences exist between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that may represent targets for antimicrobial peptides. These peptides are potent, broad spectrum antibiotics which demonstrate potential as novel therapeutic agents. Antimicrobial peptides have been demonstrated to kill Gram negative and Gram positivebacteria, enveloped viruses, fungi and even transformed or cancerous cells. Unlike the majority of conventional antibiotics, it appears as though antimicrobial peptides may also have the ability to enhance immunity by functioning as immunomodulators.

    Sunsmile AMPs genes are mainly extracted from medical plants like Pokeweed, Ascidians, Macadamia nut, etc and animal like silkworm chrysalis, Maggot, frog, etc. Among all the AMPs gene mentioned above, AMPs gene extracted from Pokeweed and Ascidians are first found by Sunsmile R&D team, which gets the national patent protection.

  • What is the character of Sunsmile AMPs / Tideasy?

    1) Broad spectrum.
    Sunsmile AMPs is broad spectrum antipathogenic, which can protect against virus, bacterial, fungus, mold and parasitic, etc.

    2) Immune Regulation.
    Tideasy series of products are demonstrated to be an effective immunomodulator, which can promote the proliferation of T cell and B cell, enhance phagocytic activity of macrophages and stimulate the immune response. Therefore, Tideasy can improve animals’ immune performance.

    3) Safe and green additive.
    The special physical sterilization mode of Tideasy makes it impossible for the pathogenic microorganisms to produce drug resistance. Besides, since AMPs is extracted from animal and plants, it has no side effect when fed to animals.

    4) Palatable for animals.
    Tideasy series of products not only contains natural AMPs, but also contains some active ingredients, which is rich in nutrition and makes it has unique tastes that are palatable for animals. These palatable taste can improve animals’ feed intake and promote feed digestion.

  • The action of lysozyme on inhibit the growth of bacteria?

    Lysozyme is an enzyme substance that mainly exists in saliva, poultry eggs, etc. to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is a natural preservative that protects poultry eggs from bacterial infection and spoilage, or reduces bacteria from entering the digestive tract through the mouth, preventing bacteria multiply in the digestive tract and cause food spoilage in the digestive tract. The mechanism of action of lysozyme is relatively simple, which is mainly to dissolve the cell wall of bacteria, rupture the cells and play a role of sterilization.

  • Novelty of Tideasy?

    We applied a new technology for the development of new antibacterial peptides, use cutting-edge genetic engineering cloning and expression technology to obtain a large number of natural antibacterial peptides, which are more advanced in preparation methods than extraction, separation, purification or chemical synthesis. The production cost can be accepted in practical applications, and the products obtained maintain all the excellent properties of natural antibacterial peptides.

  • What is Tideasy?

    Tideasy is the mixed feed additives with high bioactive substances-Clavanin and Defensin antimicrobial peptides as the main component. This make it can be used in all animal species.