Overall assessment of antibiotic substitutes for pigs: a set of meta-analyses

Column:Industry News Time:2021-08-26



Antibiotic growth promoters are widely used to improve weight gain. However, the abuse of antibiotics can have many negative effects on people. Developing alternatives to antibiotics is an urgent need in livestock production. We aimed to perform a meta-analysis and network meta-analysis (NMA) to investigate the effects of feed additives as potential antibiotic substitutes (ASs) on bacteriostasis, growth performance, intestinal morphology and immunity. Furthermore, the primary, secondary, and tertiary ASs were defined by comparing their results with the results of antibiotics.

The article comes from:
《Journal ofAnimal Science and Biotechnology》

The authors of the paper:
Bocheng Xu,Jie Fu, Luoyi Zhu, Zhi Li, Mingliang Jin and Yizhen Wang

Yizhen Wang(汪以真),College of animal science, zhejiang university, dean、Animal nutrition and feed science professor

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