Warmly Welcome our Russia Friend visited our R&D Lab

Column:Company News Time:2019-03-27
Fighting nation


On March 18, 2019, Miss Maria Kpomina from Russia came to visit our R&D Lab. Miss Maria has more than 10 years of livestock experience in Russia, especially in swine and dairy. She was tested our AMPTER in Russia pig farm and the results is excellent. AMPTER can decreased piglet’s diarrhea and increased feed intake, revival rate and weight gain. Moreover, in growing-finishing pigs AMPTER can control S. pneumonia and increased survival rate. Now, she needs to do AMPTER market in Russia, her team are ready to registration our product in Russia. Our general manager (Dr. Chan Shih-Hsien) took guest to visit our R&D Lab in Shenzhen Bio-incubator Building. She asked many questions including dosage of TIDEASY, AMPTER, SUPERTIDE and TIDEASY W on animals, AMPs on inhibit virus, how to develop the market and etc. We believe that we will have a pleasant cooperation with her.