What is the magic of this enterprise?

Column:Company News Time:2016-12-15

December 16-18, the 42nd Pig Industry Expo (Guangzhou) in the Ministry of Agriculture Pig Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Guangzhou). Sunsmile sales elite team to participate in this exhibition, the exhibition area welcome of many new and old customers. Sunsmile booth draw many visitors to participate.

Hot spot is Sihui Sanle Co., Ltd selected no. 188 duroc boars to live auction and shoot the highest price of 17,000 from audience. Sunsmile provides green additive to Sanle for many years to breed healthy pigs.


Guangdong Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau Deputy Director Liu Fu Qirong said this year is the "Golden Pig Year." Pig industry is changing point, state promotes the concept of ecological development.  In particular, forbidden areas and local farms is the industry hot spots.  Liu Fu Qirong said that we want to change farming methods, for the industry to contribute to sustainable development.